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If you need to purchase, sell, re-manufacture, service, install, re-locate, or trade, HBOT or medical air compressor systems, you owe it to yourself and your organization to contact

We will gladly:

  • Purchase your existing HBOT equipment regardless of condition or code status
  • Act as a broker to facilitate a direct sale to another end-user
  • Remove and/or relocate your existing HBOT equipment
  • Re-manufacture your existing HBOT equipment with one year warranty
  • Service your existing HBOT equipment with one year warranty
  • Replace acrylic viewing surfaces, including tubes
  • Accept your existing HBOT equipment as a trade-in on a new or re-manufactured system
  • Loan you an HBOT unit while your new HyperTec, Inc. unit is being manufactured, or while we perform other services for your facility
Used HBOT Systems:
This site will soon have a large number of used HBOT Systems listed for sale. Each individual HBOT System will be priced for immediate comparison-shopping. Please note that web prices for used HBOT systems do not include delivery, installation, or training.
In addition to the sales price we will categorize the various units according to their age, number of pressurization cycles, acrylic age and cycles, territories in which they can or can not be sold, etc. As an example certain HBOT systems cannot be sold in Canada or Mexico.
We will also indicate if we are in possession of the units or if we are acting as a broker.
Our final written quotation can include delivery, installation, in-service training, and world class (60 hr CME Category 1 ) Hyperbaric Team Training through INTERNATIONAL ATMO in San Antonio, TX.

Problems Specific to Monoplace Acrylic Chambers:

Special attention must be paid to monoplace chambers that utilize acrylic tubes.
The Pressure Vessel for Human Occupancy (PVHO) guidelines require that all acrylic viewing surfaces be replaced every 10,000 cycles or 10 years, whichever comes first. It is certainly true that these guidelines are subject to change, and that the probability of them changing is fairly high. In the interim, we must strictly adhere to the guidelines as they exist. You are welcome to do business with those who do not recognize and exhibit high regard for the safety aspects of chamber operations and maintenance. This means that while some used monoplace chambers might have a very attractive acquisition price, the useful acrylic life might render them economically impractical. As an example, we recently received a 25”ID acrylic monoplace with a mere 567 cycles on a tube that was only three years old. The buyer of this chamber originally balked at the $42,000 price, but soon discovered that the cost of a new tube for a unit with more cycles and years was a much less attractive deal.
We can give you a very accurate acrylic replacement estimate for any chamber that we are offering for sale on

Non-Code and/or Non-Compliant used HBOT systems:  
Believe it or not, many of the HBOT Systems in use today do not meet one, or more, or in some cases, ANY of the relevant code requirements.
We DO NOT offer any services related to remanufacturing Non-Code HBOT System to comply with ASME, PVHO, National Board, FDA 510(k), Canadian Medical Device Class III, or NFPA-99 codes or standards.
We WILL consider accepting non-code/compliant systems in trade with a view toward re-furbishing them for animal health or other non-human applications.
New Medical Grade Air Compressor Systems:  
For the past twelve years we have exclusively provided specially engineered Medical Grade Air Compressor packages for monoplace hyperbaric chamber and multiplace hyperbaric chamber HBOT systems. Our systems meet and often exceed NFPA & Canadian Medical Gas requirements. All of our units are “oil-less” non-lubricated and may be ordered in single or two stage reciprocal as well as rotary vane configurations. We offer duplexed compressors in the form of receiver-mounted systems or “over/under” sound attenuated packages. All of our air packages include intake filtration, water cooled aftercoolers, duplexed controls systems, CO & dew point monitors, high temp shut down, auto start/stop, duplexed air dryers and 0.01 micron final filtration. Our ASME air receivers are lined with an FDA approved vinyl epoxy coating to eliminate rust and corrosion.
We are pleased to accept your old lubricated compressor(s) in trade for our American made, fully compliant packages. We offer 24/7 service and complete parts support.
Used Medical Grade Air Compressor Systems:  
Used non-lubricated air compressor packages are extremely rare but we have them occasionally. Call or e-mail us for an immediate response.
We can make your tired old HBOT system(s) look and work like new. Services include sandblasting, epoxy and powder coating, replacement of upholstery, gage recalibration, oxygen cleaning, system renovation and upgrading and fire suppression system upgrades.
We offer a one-year warranty on re-manufacturing services including parts and workmanship. Please give us the opportunity to offer fixed price budgetary quotations for your consideration.
Free Estimates:  
We will gladly travel to your location to view existing HBOT systems that are for sale or those that might be offered in trade on a new or re-conditioned system. We are also willing to provide you with written estimates to re-manufacture your existing HBOT system(s) in our shop, or at your existing location.
Terms & Conditions:  

"We have a number of payment options available tailored to your specific requirements"